Our advantages

nashi-preimushestva.JPGAn extensive network of branches, work in remote fields and in shift camps of the oil industry, partnership with the leading medical institutions of the republic is a far from complete list of Medicare's advantages.


By preserving and strengthening the leadership position in the market for providing quality and affordable fee-based medical services, we strive to become a leader in the provision of medical services in the framework of medical insurance and private medicine.

By effective management and financial profitability we strive to be flexible and adaptable to market conditions and use the effect of integration in the group of companies "Mediker".

Ethical values

They are responsibility to the patient for the quality, efficiency and rationality of medical services. Also it is socially responsible business to the society, recognition of the fundamental principles of state policy in the field of medicine.

Respect for the rights of patients and employees reflects the desire to respect the rights of the patient and the creation of favorable working conditions for the realization of the professional potential of specialists.

Honesty and transparency reflect the desire for open and objective information to stakeholders.

Self-improvement and development reflects the desire to improve professionalism, the constant search for new methods for further improvement of activities

Corporateism and unity reflect a close relationship between the members of the group of companies "Medicare", sharing a common mission, principles and goals.

When choosing us you choose:

  • An experienced partner - we participate in most of the largest and most socially significant medical projects in the country
  • Leader of the industry - we stand firmly on our feet and confidently look to the future
  • Recognized quality standards for services and products on the health care market
  • A well-established centralized service system - every customer receives high attention in every point of Kazakhstan
  • The best specialists in the industry
  • Unbiased and reliable data on the health status of your employees
  • Real health programs aimed at improving the quality of life and health
  • The possibility of forming a package of medical services depending on your needs and capabilities: from pre-medical medical examination to full medical care

Benefits of outsourcing health services for you:

  • Reduction of costs for non-core activities;
  • Optimization of activities;
  • Minimization of risks (due to the absence of risks related to licensing of medical activities and compliance with the requirements of NLA, etc.);
  • Improving the quality of services provided by introducing new medical technologies and matching services with modern medical quality standards;
  • "Transparency" of relations, high controllability of processes on the basis of a contract;
  • Reliability of data from the study of the health of employees due to lack of affiliation.

Our clients