Why it is worth working for us


What do you receive, working for us?

  • Fair, transparent and clear rules of work.
  • Sane, warm, friendly and exacting heads.
  • The increased concentration of remarkable people.
  • Honest and open relationship with colleagues.
  • Excellent experience with complex challenges.
  • Sensitive attention to your professional, business, personal and private needs.
  • Possibility of professional growth.

Mediker is the company, whose roots date back to 2000. Many employees has worked in it for 10 years and more.

Our greatest value is the open, thinking and reliable workers focused on decisions. We appreciate career development of our workers developing together with us. We invest into the employees’ training, and also we promote career development in the company group. Together we will organize interesting actions – the employee’s health days, sport days, and other holidays of the country. We pay much attention to the work safety, we care about our workers’ health, and also we highly appreciate their relatives.

We seek to create such an atmosphere in the company that people could eagerly come to work every day, be proud of the Company, developed not only in the professional way, but also in the personal one. We appreciate identity, we respect personal liberty, human rights and we give equal opportunities and don't accept any kinds of discrimination.

In Mediker we are always glad to vigorous, purposeful and talented people wishing to begin or continue their career. Our main objective is to define a person’s strength necessary for the Company success and to create comfortable conditions for the person’s self-realization and development.

We have very strong belief that for creation of effective work of the company, we need to invite people loving their profession and strivng to achieve results.

There is the Corporate university Mediker in the company which allows to satisfy almost all needs for training works. The university offers, both standard trainings in a class, and distance programs.

For motivation of workers special attention is paid to the program of mentoring which is ф recognized practice of work with personnel.

How is staff recruitment carried out?


Search and selection of personnel is connected with our organization values : to be useful, active, opened in communication with a client, to work with uniform team, to have courage to differ and desire to win.

If you consider our values close to you, after selection performance you can join the staff of our Company, too.

Through careful process of employees’ selection and hiring we try to find people whose values and competence are crossed with the values of our Company in the team.

In general the selection process consists of the following stages:

  • CV Analysis.
  • Interview.
  • Special tasks and/or tests at a competition to certain positions.
  • Verification of background information.
  • Decision-making.

In the selection course your potential future head and the specialist of HR department. When applying for the leading positions the interview is directly held with vice chairmen of the board and the Chairman of the board. Special attention is paid to basic competence of the candidate and their professional skills. Proceeding from it we can make you an offer to participate in a competition for the position suitable to your experience.

What do we offer the employees?

We help to get used to the team

The team joining begins already during the finishing interview where the working conditions, and also questions connected with the team and the organization are discussed in a more detailed way.

In the first working day you will have a chance to get acquainted with the principles of our activity and regulations. Further on, the help will be given by the mentor – the professional in the sphere and the carrier of the organization values – your direct chief. The adaptation program will help you to understand what is necessary to learn and what ultimate goal will become the result of your cooperation.

We provide possibilities of self-realization and professional development

We are convinced that the employees who are well-educated and who independently cope with difficulties are the client’s best partners.

We appreciate knowledge and experience exchange in the team and organization level, in general. You can also become a mentor or a leader of any course.

All the new employees take a special course where they gain knowledge of the organization structure, its history and values.

We appreciate the workers through traditions

Working conditions and health protection of the staff are part of the organization culture, in general, it creates a positive atmosphere where employees keep physical, mental and emotional health.

In the field of working conditions we constantly carry out risk analysis, and once a year we do the employees’ satisfaction research. The employees’ suggestions and the research results are the basis for improvement of the working conditions

Our clients