About the company

missiya.JPG"Mediker" is a reliable Kazakhstan company that offers its customers highly professional medical care and excellent service. We build our work on the principles of respect, impartiality, honesty, efficiency, care and trust. The company is aware of its social responsibility, serves the interests of society and the state, fulfills all these obligations to customers and partners.


It is contribution to modern business by establishing the priority (value) of life and human health in production, achieving high economic efficiency.


Take leading positions in the market of industrial medicine in Kazakhstan and near abroad.


  • Leadership. The company "Medicare-Industrial Medicine" is a part of the "Medicare" Group of Companies, which is a large and well-known private medical organization in Kazakhstan. The Association strives to take the leading positions in the field of industrial medicine in Kazakhstan and the near abroad.

  • Social entrepreneurship. The partnership is aware of its social responsibility. The Partnership promotes enterprises in the field of health protection and ensuring human security in the workplace.

  • Quality and safety guarantee. The main criterion of competitiveness is the guaranteed provision of high quality services. In daily practice, the Association strives for international quality standards, introduces innovative methods of providing medical services in the workplace.

  • Professionalism. The main source and driving force of development of the Partnership are highly professional staff. The Partnership constantly invests in professional development and creates conditions for the effective realization of human potential.

  • Sustainable development. The partnership develops on the principles of a systematic approach, continuous improvement, and strives to improve corporate obligations.

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